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Purchase this book at AspEncrypt is featured in the Microsoft Press book Designing Secure Web-Based Applications for Microsoft® Windows® 2000 by Michael Howard, Microsoft's security guru (release date 7/26/2000).

This book is about using Windows 2000 security features to protect your Web applications and data.

In this book, Michael Howard uses AspEncrypt in several ASP code samples demonstrating how to store user passwords securely using a one-way hash function, and how to generate encrypted S/MIME-based email. Purchase this book at

AspEncrypt is also featured in the O'Reilly book Designing Active Server Pages by Scott Mitchell of (published in September of 2000). In the section "Encrypting Information" (Chapter 8), Scott uses AspEncrypt-based code samples to demonstrate secure email techniques, including sending digitally signed and encrypted mail in the ASP environment.

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